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Civil, Commercial & Residential

At Scopic, we specialize in providing comprehensive drainage solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our residential drainage services are designed to ensure efficient water management around homes, whether for new builds or existing sites. For commercial properties, we offer expert drainage solutions that address the unique challenges of larger-scale projects, including parking lots, industrial sites, apartment complexes and retail developments. Additionally, our public drainage services focus on supporting developers and government agencies in maintaining and improving drainage infrastructure to enhance community resilience and safety. With our experienced team and innovative approach, we deliver reliable and effective drainage solutions for residential, commercial, and public projects alike.


Water mains, Earth work, Roading, Kerbing

At Scopic we specialize in providing comprehensive civil engineering solutions encompassing earthworks, drainage, and utilities services. Our civil earthworks expertise includes site grading, excavation, and land preparation to facilitate the development of infrastructure projects. We also offer expert drainage solutions to manage stormwater effectively, ensuring the protection of properties and the environment. Additionally, our utilities services encompass the installation and maintenance of essential utilities such as water, sewer, and gas lines to support the efficient functioning of communities and developments. With our experienced team and commitment to quality and safety, we deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of civil engineering projects.


All scales. Civil, Commercial & Residential

At Scopic, we specialize in delivering comprehensive earthworks solutions tailored to the specific needs of both residential and commercial projects. Our residential earthworks services encompass a range of activities, including site preparation, excavation, grading, and landscaping, to ensure the successful realization of homeowners & vision for their properties. For commercial projects, we offer extensive earthmoving capabilities to support the development of infrastructure, including roads, foundations, and utilities. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and precision in every aspect of our earthworks services, delivering exceptional results for residential and commercial clients alike.


Licensed operator

At Scopic we specialize in providing comprehensive drainage solutions to support the infrastructure needs of local municipalities. Our drainage services encompass installation, and maintenance of stormwater and sewer management systems to mitigate flood risks and ensure the efficient flow of water within communities. We have to adhere to regulatory requirements and obtain necessary approvals for drainage projects. By collaborating with the council, we ensure that our drainage solutions align with local development plans and contribute to the overall resilience and sustainability of the community & infrastructure.

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